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John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church

Digital Campus

Here at JWC we believe that we are the church no matter where we are. Thus, our ministry, worship, and fellowship exist outside the four walls of the church. JWC - Digital is bringing the church to your finger tips on a cellphone, TV, tablet or computer. We invite you to learn more about JWC-Digital and how you can become a virtual member of the church from any and everywhere.

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Virtual Member Interest Meeting

Join Pastor Young on Wednesday, August 30 at 6:30PM EST for a interest meeting & virtual game night via zoom.


Worship Virtually

Worship at anytime and from anywhere.

Sunday's: 7:30AM & 10:30AM Livestreamed worship via Facebook, YouTube, & our website.

Monday's: 6:30PM - The Sermon Replay


Anytime! Go back on any of our social media platforms and let's worship together!


Learn Virtually

Tap into the multiple Bible Study Opportunities

Wednesday's: 11:00AM & 6:30PM Bible Study

11AM - Group Bible Study & Discussion via Zoom

6:30PM - Group Bible Study & Discussion In-Person

Friday's: 12:00PM or Replay anytime Bible Study

Bible Study via Facebook & YouTube


GROW Virtually

Connect w/ Virtual Members on a monthly basis. This virtual group will be a community for discipleship, accountability, and fellowship


Monthly GROW Groups

1st Tuesday of the each month at 6:30PM EST


Serve Virtually

Become a part of a ministry virtually. JWC is committed in serving various communities. Volunteer, donate, and gather with any of our ministries

Learn About Ministries at JWC

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Connect Virtually

Pastor's Virtual Office Hours

Tuesday's from 10:30AM - 1:30PM

via Zoom

Communion, Baptism, or Visitations

We have a network of ministers around the world who can assist. In special cases, we will come to you.

Become a Virtual Member Today!

Share with us your information and we will reach out to you and send you a virtual member packet.

Welcome Home!

Thanks for submitting!

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